Child Consultancy

As part of the mediation process, Rebecca is specially trained to conduct one-off sessions with children called Child Inclusive Practice (CIP).
In CIP, children and young people 5 - 18 years have the opportunity to share their hopes, needs and concerns about the separation. They have a place to express what the separation is like for them, including what they like and what they find difficult.
Children may do drawings, story stems, cast wishes, give advice and messages for their parents as well as talk in a focussed, therapeutic way about their experiences of the separation.
They are never asked where they want to live, or to make any other decisions as that is the role of their parents.
The aim of the session is more to gain a snapshot of how they are travelling emotionally, and they are encouraged to allow Rebecca to share as much as possible in a feedback session with their parents.
The children's voices can then be heard in the mediation process and assists parents to develop plans which take the children's needs into consideration. The CIP will also identify children who need further support and assistance.