Online Mediation

For those parents who live too far apart for face-to-face mediation, 
or where work commitments/childcare commitments preclude easy access to Rebecca’s office, 
or where parents simply prefer not to be in the same room as each other, 
Rebecca offers an online mediation service.

The benefits of online mediation are:

* Parents can participate in mediation from the comfort and safety of their home,   office or hotel room if they are on the road.

* They save time and money travelling to and from Rebecca’s office

* There are more options available to find a mutually convenient time to mediate

* Mediations can be booked in a timely manner.

Rebecca uses the Zoom.Us software tool to conduct the mediation. The software can be easily downloaded at no cost to each parent, and is one of the most reliable, versatile and confidential software programs on the market.

Watch Rebecca in action and see how it works in this 5 minute clip: