Confidentiality and Accountability

All discussions and personal information gathered from you in the course of FDR are confidential and privileged except:

when failure to disclose might place a child at risk of physical and psychological harm, or might place a person/property at risk of violence/damage.
You can however give written approval for Rebecca to discuss your situation with another person, e.g. a lawyer or a counsellor.

All written material pertaining to your mediation is destroyed after the process is completed.
If you are unable to resolve your issues through FDR, Rebecca can issue a 60I Certificate which will allow you to take matters further legally, however, no personal information will be included in the certificate.
If you are unhappy for any reason with the mediation services provided by Kids First Mediation, please contact Rebecca in the first instance.
If she is unable to resolve your issue, you are entitled to contact ​The Resolution Institute on 1800 651 650 to discuss your complaint and initiate an independent complaints process.